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Talk at WebProgressions (London)

Last May I had the chance to go to London to speak about developing HTML5 games with Phaser. The conference was WebProgressions, and it was a nice experience! Some talks I recommend you to watch are Ruth John's Web Audio and Web MIDI (she shows some cool demos!), Progressive WebApps… Read more

Talk at WordCamp London 2016 – You might not need a CSS framework

Last April I spoke at WordCamp London about alternatives to CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc. Here's the video of the talk, and you can also see the slides online. If you would rather read a written version of this talk, you can checkout my article at Mozilla's Hacks blog.… Read more

Top developers can have a life outside coding

We, as an industry, are going to a dangerous place when we don't just expect, but require people to keep working after work. Neglecting candidates for a position because they don't contribute to open-source projects; choosing who to fire on the basis of who has a pet project and who… Read more

Ludum Dare #35 post-mortem

This weekend I joined Ludum Dare, a 48h solo game jam. The challenge was to create a game from scratch (code, graphics, audio…) in just 48h following a theme: "Shape shifting". This is the post-mortem of Sky Panic, a cute'em-up with pixel art graphics. You can play and rate the… Read more

Meet "The Webangelist"

When 2016 began I decided to start to draw a webcomic, in the format of 3-panel comic strips. And so The Webangelist was born. Here's the latest strip, Nodecalypse, so you can taste the hang of it: As the title suggests, The Webangelist is a parody of the DevRel / Development… Read more

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