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How I organise my CSS code

Today a friend and I talked about how to organise CSS code, specially on big projects. Here's my way. The goal I try to achieve is to be able to locate the rule I'm interested in as soon as possible. Splitting into partials Nowadays I always use a CSS pre-procesor… Read more

Hikari no Ghost — a theme for the Ghost blogging platform

I switched to Ghost as CMS for this blog, and I wanted to have a new theme, more Medium-ish and prettier. I decided to follow Supersole's advice (do watch that video) on making more stuff and shamelessly publish everything I make, so let me introduce you: Hikari no ghost, available… Read more

My nerd story

Intro This is post follows a meme initiated by Crystal Beasly, where she shared her own nerd story, in the hopes of providing role models to new female devs. Write your own and tweet it with the hashtag #mynerdstory! Press start button When I was born there were already videogames… Read more

A "Hello World" for game development

I've been trying out a few HTML5 game frameworks these holidays, and I'd like to share my particular "Hello World" for game development: a small game that allows me to quickly learn the basics of a 2D game engine or framework. It is a space shooter, most of it taken… Read more

Talk at Ladies Who Code 2013 — Front-end automation with Grunt

A few months ago I had a great time speaking at Ladies Who Code 2013 conference. I often go to the London meetup, so this was quite special to me :) The topic? Automation in front-end projects with Grunt. Here's the video… …and here are the slides: … Read more