Belén Albeza

Ludum Dare #35 post-mortem

This weekend I joined Ludum Dare, a 48h solo game jam. The challenge was to create a game from scratch (code, graphics, audio…) in just 48h following a theme: "Shape shifting". This is the post-mortem of Sky Panic, a cute'em-up with pixel art graphics. You can play and rate the […]

Retro, crisp pixel art in Phaser

As a follow-up to the "Retro, crisp pixel art in HTML 5 games", here's how to achieve the same effect when using Phaser, my favourite JS game framework. The trick for the pixel art look was to draw the graphic assets in a small size and then scale them up […]

Update to generator-gamejam (II)

A quick post to announce that I've just updated generator-gamejam, a Yeoman generator to quickly scaffold a HTML 5 game project, ideal for game jams. The motivation for this update was to fix a nasty bug that would cause some files to be 0-bytes when copied over to a dist […]

Retro, crisp pixel art in HTML 5 games

One thing that I've been doing in my games for Ludum Dare has been drawing the graphics with a pixel art style. What I'd do was to draw the graphic in a very small size, and then scale it up to 4 times its size to have those big fat […]

Talk at MediterráneaJS 2015 – Game development with JS and Phaser

At the beginning of the summer, I spoke at MediterráneaJS, a brand new JavaScript conference in Barcelona. My talk was an introduction to game development with Phaser, my favourite JS game library. Finally the video with the recording has been released! You can also take a look at the slides […]