Belén Albeza

Studying Japanese kanji (part I)

Kanji are Chinese characters that have been adopted in Japanese, and are used to write the language, along two syllabaries: hiragana and katakana. Although there are tens of thousands of Chinese characters, the ones that are used in Japanese is a relatively smaller subset. The Jōyō kanji, an official list […]

Ludum Dare #38 post-mortem

Once again, I joined the fun of Ludum Dare, a game jam in which developers make a game over a weekend. I participated in the "compo" category, which means that I'd need to do everything from scratch: code, art, audio… And here's what I made! Meet Terrartisan, a terraforming game […]

Lessons I learned on development

I was on a trip to Barcelona back from Christmas holidays, and decided to run this meme on Twitter to have fun during the train ride. A long and boring train trip ahead… meme time!— Belén (@ladybenko) January 1, 2017 A lot of people have […]

"JavaScript for game development" guide

I got interested in programming when I was kid: I found in an appendix in my "computing" book a brief introduction to BASIC and I got instantly hooked and went by trying to code a conversational RPG/adventure of sorts. My parents noticed my interested and they wanted to support […]

One year at Mozilla as a remote worker

This week I will have been working for Mozilla for about a full year! It has gone by pretty quickly, but I wanted to share my experience working there as a remote employee. What I have been up to I've been keeping a log of the things that I've been […]